About code G

code G is an independent web application development firm based in Denver, Colorado. We create applications and code for websites so that they are easy to use and do exactly what they are designed to do, and work as intuitively as possible.

We meet all current web standards, and use PHP and various SQL databases to drive web applications. code G is a strong advocate of using open standards and open source software to get things done, because they work as expected and save our clients money.

At code G we think of ourselves as generalists. We can code in Javascript, Perl, PHP and dozens of other computer languages. A generalist is a good thing to be in technology, because computers and software change so fast. If you spend too much time specializing, you're a dinosaur before you complete 1 or 2 projects. Because we work with a multitude of different programs, we can easily troubleshoot and fix problems with existing sites.