Web Applications and Databases

First and foremost, code G specializes in developing custom content management systems (CMS), web applications and database-driven websites. If you want to use more than one computer to do anything, then web applications are the only way to go. Accessing data from multiple locations, including working from home or on the road, without the cost and headache of having to manage a large networking solution, is essential. Built into the Internet is your cost-effective (FREE) solution to your networking needs. We can turn any computer connected to the Internet into a workstation for your company or an access point for your customers. What could be simpler?

A custom CMS is specifically tailored to the needs of your company. Unlike standard content management systems, e.g., Wordpress and Joomla, a custom CMS goes way beyond just the display of text for a specific page. Data can be displayed based on business rules that YOU define. For example, links, images and text can be displayed by date, user's location, time of year, product availabitlity, etc. Ordering systems can be built that work far better than a standard e-commerce site. Custom client portals allow your customers to view information that you want them to specifically see - and no one else will know.

A web application uses your favorite web browser to access your data. Databases can process all of your data and make it dynamically available to you in real time. Whether you need an on-line catalog, e-commerce site, inventory management, portfolio and search engine, or just an on-line newsletter, code G has the expertise to quickly develop your project and meet all of your needs.

Other Services

More and more, software provides us with the tools to get things done in today's hectic world. However, many repetitive functions just aren't handled by available software because the task is too specific to your business / needs. code G can write scripts or mini-applications to handle those situations. You'll be surprised what we can do!